Florence Larbey

Format 19 x 27 cm

88 pages printed in B&W and color


Hardcover printed on canvas

Text: English


First edition of 100 copies

TRANSPOLAR, the first book of Florence Larbey, is a series made during her first trip to Iceland during the Sónar electronic music festival in Reykjavik in February 2016. Florence proposes a photographic ballad. She transcribes her experience by comparing two worlds, that of the ecstasy that brings electronic music and visual amazement to the discovery of Icelandic landscapes. The superposition itself evokes the lingering image left by the light of the so special Arctic Winter. Eyelids closed, isolated from others and cut off from the outside world, colors and reliefs become persistent images, a visual echo leading to a transcended state, the Polar Trance.

TRANSPOLAR is in work in progress…


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By Florence Larbey

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