GusGus 25 Ára

Various Photographers

328 pages, 28 x 22cm hardcover with marked black fabric cover

Main texts by Jakob Frímann Magnússon, Hannah Jane Cohen and Sveinbjörn Pálsson

Unique in the world Dust Cover, screen printed in color on black paper (by Lorenz Boegli, the inventor of this technique)

300+ visuals in color, silver and black & white

52 pages printed with silver offset on black paper

276 pages printed in color and black & white with an additional Pantone color

To celebrate the 25 years of career of GusGus, we have created a photobook collector for fans all over the world. It was the opportunity to retrace the band’s career and offer a unique collector object.


The book is composed of unique photographs from backstages, concerts, official photoshoots but also personal pictures from the band members and the fan community. We have also included Design contents from their album and videos, newspapers press clippings… as much material as possible that built the visual identity of the band during these 25 years.


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Regular copy

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Signed copy