Réza Kalfane

21 x 26 cm, 116 pages sewn and glued binding.


32 N&B photos printed in silver offset. 26 B&W photos printed in tri-tones.

Marked hardcover, jacket cover printed in silver offset.
Three languages texts: English, French and Icelandic.

Short text by Ragnar RAX Axelsson.


500 copies of which 200 are signed and numbered. Last copies are numbered below 30, and accompanied by a 24 x 18 cm limited edition print.

ÍSLAND, the first book of Réza Kalfane offers a photographic story in a three-part progression: mysterious, picturesque and unexpected.


This visual story begins with a series of waterfalls that punctuate the landscape of the country and the tourist’s itinerary. Revealed through a play of light and shadow, each image evokes the atmosphere of the Icelandic legends the waterfalls are named after. The story continues with images of a timeless and rugged landscape. With the same graphic interest, Réza captures the profile of a glacier or the juxtaposition of black sand and snow. ÍSLAND ends with aerial views that merge the contrasting abstract yet organic qualities of this unique landscape.

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Standard Edition

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Signed & Numbered

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Signed & Numbered

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